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Blues jr distortion

  When guitarists like Elmore James and Muddy Waters amplified their instruments, they did so initially with the aim of making themselves audible to larger audiences. The […] Apr 13, 2015 · The DS-1 and the MXR Prime sound completely different. There are 4 Fender amps that are popular in jazz circles: the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Jazz King, Fender Jazzmaster and Fender Blues Jr. for straight ahead country, blues, whatever, its fucking awesome. There are very few overdrives I would choose other than a BD-2, but none of them are "better". vol 8. You can use the overdrive to boost the distortion on solos, or vice versa, or use both combined to create a think fuzzy noise, or even just see it as two pedals in one and use the overdrive on some songs and the distortion on I am not a fan of big distortion especially when they are not produced from tubes amp/head . The power stage uses a single 6L6 to produce around 15 watts, which is more than enough for smaller unmic’d gigs, thanks to a truly superb loudspeaker that’s been specially designed to The longer tank, used in the Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Deluxe, is electrically compatible with the Blues Junior, but it doesn’t fit inside the BJr cabinet. A . than on my Bassman. An overdrive solely drives the amp or imitates the cranked sound but a distortion brings a totally different effect to transform the sound system. with my chibson ,copy gibson les paul ,with all gibson electronics ,and hardware. Options. GBWO • 2 years ago. Some guitar players report the bass strings sound muddy. Download free blues presets from exclusive artist signature and Fender created tone settings, community favorites Fender® Guitar Amplifier Owner's Manuals (Current) This article contains a list of all Fender® Guitar Amplifier owner's manuals currently available. Below is a photo of the Fender wall we have here. A great, low-gain overdrive may be the most obvious choice here. Apr 10, 2020 · The Fender Blues Junior III is a basic 15-watt tone machine with stripped back circuitry for a back to basics approach to amplification. The Cannabis Rex is a very efficient speaker too. The Dynamic Distortion is a sonic hybrid a Germanium Fuzz and TS-808 OD. Distortion Pedal to the Metal. The Fender Blues Junior NOS is a modern blues machine built to vintage specs and using new, old stock parts. Distortion is an umbrella term. I have a Big muff U. Feb 2 2011, 06:18 AM I stepped back from over-analyzing the guitar because it always sounded amazing on my Fender Blues Jr The Blues Junior LTD is a longtime 15-watt favorite with warm tube tone ideal for the go-anywhere guitarist who needs great sound and versatile features such as spring reverb. The DS-1 can get a lot more distortion than a tube screamer type pedal (like the Yellow Boss SD-1) and make a Fender amp sound like a Marshall after our mods- very full, deep, and rich. Redbubble is trusted by millions of customers and 200,000+ independent creators. I use the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal to dial in the optimal blues amp settings with just the right amount of gain and twang. Jun 12, 2016 · The Blues Junior is a bit of a midrangey amp and you won't really get a lot of "bite" until you crank it up a bit and Fletcher Munson kicks in. Feb 20, 2019 · We also wanted to compare the Fender Twin Reverb to another high-end amp, which is why we’re looking at the Mesa. Line 6 Pod thoiugh is a good thing for those in the know. The wrong pedal for your amp and guitar, can do more harm than good and cause a lot of frustration. Travanti, Michael Warren, Bruce Weitz, James Sikking. Fender amps reside in studios all over the planet and here in the ET studio its no exception. It will be loud and fat sounding that’s for sure. Since 1972. Highlighted parts have been modified in some way for this project. The Super Distortion® (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound®) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive, and is still the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured. です。 ああ、やっぱり家でも真空管のアンプで練習しないと、ピッキングのニュアンスとかダメだよなぁ、なんつって買った記憶あり。 I use it with the blues jr and get a very blackface tone with it. Most (not all) Fender guitar amps offer a warm, smooth tone and give you a nice low end crunch. Budget: under $100 if possible Genres pedal will be used in: Modern Hard Rock, Blu Dec 08, 2016 · The Blues Jr is a great little amp if you use it for its strengths (i. Its very noticeable if I hit the bottom E. In other words, your not going to go from a Clean Tone to a Metallica buzzsaw sound with this amp by itself. さんです。 10数年前に購入したなんの変哲もない、Fender Blues Jr. editor 4 weeks ago Blue But Not The Blues Tutorial featuring The Warrior III by Shop Distortion women's and men's clothing designs. The song was featured on Season 4, Episode 7 of Sons of Anarchy. But I would not describe this as a "distortion" switch. love the bogner ecstacy red pedal ! it turns my fender blues junior in to a monster!! i love bogners pedals ,cant afford his amps so this is the next best The DigiTech Screamin' Blues Overdrive Distortion Pedal is designed for guitarists who need a pedal that gives them total control of their tone and is highly responsive to playing dynamics. It would do better with a good overdrive pedal. pdf - 215 Kb 113: Fender_blues_jr. Mar 01, 2020 · Greer makes a few drives worth your consideration, including the Tomahawk Deluxe Drive, The Southland Harmonic Overdrive, and the Elliot Little Samson. ) as necessary to thicken up your tone for soloing. Line Six is just a sound effects thing to cover up your mistakes ( not you in particular of course but many). that suddenly drops in volume and distorts. I paid $250 at the store. Blues Jr, like many other LTP phase inverter Class AB amps, can get a nasty under-damped oscillation in the PI output. You may be better served with a higher gain amp if you don't plan on running a big pedal board however. REVIEWS Fender Blues Junior and the Harp Tone+: "Bottom line is that you can get a good harp tone from a Blues Jr with the Harp Tone+. Tube amps need overdrive pedals not distortion pedals. In my Rock band, I use Bogner 40w Tube head, 4×12 Orange cab, AND a Marshal 150 w solid state head, a huge assortment of pedals, a Les Paul Studio, the newer Ibanez. He has modified the amp in ways I can’t completely describe, telling me it has a new gain stage. schematic. Only other pedal I have is a Line6 Echo Park - I love the Line6 EchoFarm plug-in for TDM and this pedal has a bit of it. e. The Modifications: Figure 1: The Blues Jr. Mar 28, 2019 · This is a lower watt speaker but it really makes the Fender Blues Junior come alive. It produces a fat punchy tone that can be set with the exact Oct 28, 2011 · Hi there, Can anyone recommend me a nice overdrive pedal that works well with a tube amp? I have a Fender Blues Jr and it's clean end is amazing but i would also love to hear its drive section. Features include: • Modified preamp circuitry for increased fullness • Spring Reverb smoothness mod • Celestion® 12” A-TYPE speaker will describe in detail all the modifications I made to my Blues Junior. at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, but I had to return it because the rear I. Didn't expect this. instead of Pro Jr. That’s it. i have recently come together with a fender blues deluxe reissue amp and it is amazing. Memebers include; Mike Ness, Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham, Brent Harding, David Hidalgo Jr. or similar low gain amp. 99 Spend over $50, Get $10 2-Day Shipping! Load More The Distortion 3 family boasts three tone pedals under the hood, offering various shades of boost, overdrive, and distortion. pdf The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is one of the best-sounding overdrive pedals ever made, and modifications to it are entirely unnecessary gilding of the lily. my only problem is the overdrive isnt enough for some of the punk stuff i play. I had a chance to test the Jensen CK12 with my Blues Junior a number of years ago. FENDER PLAY – Get 3 Months Free. low 4. Background The Blues Jr is one of his favorite amps, so you can pull up videos of him demoing almost any pedal with a blues Jr. Home; Guitar. It has a good dirty channel of it's own. The song was also used by WWE to promote a feud between The Miz and Randy Orton at the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble. pdf - 296 Kb 114: Fender_blues_junior_rev_a. No matter how I set the amp a My favorite way to use the Blues Jr. October 27, 2019 · A huge thank you to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Distillers, The Kills, Frank Turner, Eagles Of Death Metal, The Black Lips, Plague Vendor, Bully, MANNEQUIN PUSSY, and Hippy Killer Garage Co. Yes, preamps can deliver creamy distortion that works in many contexts, but they can’t offer the living, breathing vitality of a power amp that’s running out of headroom. Distortion has been a key part of the blues since the 1950s. This pedal is not your typical tube preamp that uses a triode; this pedal uses a subminiature beam power tube, which is the same type tube as a 6V6 or a 6L6 to provide the tone of an overdriven tube amp. Im very happy with it but would like give it a little extra kick. This obviously depends on what The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is one of the best-sounding overdrive pedals ever made, and modifications to it are entirely unnecessary gilding of the lily. Havent tried it through a SS amp besides my old Crate G10 - but NOTHING sounds close to decent with that amp! Jun 26, 2019 · The 1970s saw a significant rise in distortion and overdrive pedals, with the legendary company Boss jumping in on the compact distortion/overdrive pedal game. I have a blues Junior and do love the tone as is but . is to set the Master Volume to 12, this allows the production of the maximum amount of tone both high and low. , David Kalish, Rikk Agnew, Frank Agnew, Casey Royer, Dennis Danell, John "Carrot" Stevenson, Brent Liles, Derek O'Brien, John Maurer, Bob Stubbs, Christopher Reece, Randy Carr, Deen Castronovo, Chuck Biscuits, Charlie This is the short version of the Social Distortion bio — the long version could be a 10-part mini-series. Figure 1 is an annotated schematic of the Fender Blues Junior. master vol 3. Blues Junior III, nasty distortion, Help! Posted: Thu Get some sweet blues tones from your Blues Jr. Chords play while a slight change in right hand attack and the strat will start barking. Older Fender amps #6. Created Date: 12/9/2010 9:29:57 AM Fender Blues Junior. It delivers a good Crunch and, by increasing the gain, a valid distortion, rather mild. More than a few have crossed my bench over the years, some coming in for a “crackling” issue. I bought because I heard some blues/rock guitar players sweared by its tone. is a great little tube amp that’s very popular among blues guitar players (Warren Haynes uses one in the studio from what I’ve read. Features include: • Lacquered tweed covering and vintage ’50s grille cloth • Leather handle • Chrome control panel with vintage-style jewel light The Blues Cube Hot “British EL84 Modified” features onboard reverb, and the rear panel is equipped with a footswitch jack for remote switching of the Boost and Tone functions. Hotrod Deluxe and Deville amps #3. and Hot Rod DeVille, Peavey Classic 50 and 30) with no luck. Jul 20, 2017 · The latest offering in the Amptweaker™ JR Distortion pedals is the new Fuzz Jr series… TightFuzz Jr™, Bass TightFuzz Jr™, BluesFuzz Jr™, and Bass BluesFuzz JR. Hi all - I have a BillM modified Blues Jr. In the context of distortion pedals, it covers any kind of signal compression intended to create a dirtier sounding signal. I just bought a late 90s Blues jr made in America amp. for many years now, and many gigs and although I stay on the "cleaner side of dirt" (more OD than all out distortion for me, I guess) I have had great sounding results with a Blues Driver, MXR Classic Distortion (modded), and a Barber Direct Drive. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe was first produced in 1996. The Prime ist much warmer, has more gain and is a real Marshall in a box. treble 10. A common misconception about the Blues Junior is that the Blues Junior basically a Tweed type amp. #1. Feb 23, 2018 · - Junior Wells. With Daniel J. The following might help, and are easily undone, Jul 22, 2009 · Amp DIY • Gear • Ask Amp Man • DIY • Amps • How-Tos • Repair • August 2009 • Tube Combo • Fender. Brand new Blues Junior NOS w/ Jensen flubbing (farting) on low E notes. I purchased the Pro Jr. Mar 26, 2019 · The Blues King’s un-boosted sound is sweet and creamy at lower volume, transforming to fat and punchy when turned up, with a distinctive Supro edge. com Distortion article. But to my ears it just dont sound right maybe a little to thick. pdf - 374 Kb 112: Fender_blues_de_ville_and_de_ville_212. So I checked it out and fell for the great tone. It's a more bold choice than overdrive and is to be used tastefully. What exactly is the cause of farty sounding distortion in amps? I assume everyone has experienced it and knows what I'm talking about? It's that papery, nasty, fluttery sort of follow on distortion that often shows up underneath the nice distortion. that controls the "fat" overdrive. I played his BJr at the Boulder Outlook blues jam last week. While the Fender Blues Junior might be a budget choice, the Triple Crown TC-50 certainly is not, but it is a professional-quality amp. Like the other JR pedals, they’re housed in a smaller lightweight ‘phase 90’ sized package, but still include most of the popular tones available with their big brothers. pdf - 139 Kb 115: Fender_blues_junior_rev_d. Because of its warm tone, and not being too heavy to carry to gigs as some of the larger Fender amps can be, Guitar Distortion & Overdrive Pedals Whether you want to play rock, metal, or some other genre, having a good distortion or overdrive pedal for your guitar makes a critical difference to your sound. It works great with my Snarling Dog blue baw The Blues Junior is a tube guitar amplifier introduced in 1990 by the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. The Blues Jr takes dirt really well, but I find that dirt pedals sound dirtier on the Jr. III for about month now and it has been working beautifully so far. Thus a discussion about settings and tone, in the context of Fender amplifiers, would be appropriate and helpful. Apr 06, 2020 · Pick up a Fender Blues amp or Blues Junior, or a Jet City or a old Univox for tone . This will both make your cleans The other guitarist in my band has the vintage version of this pedal. dist voicing [dist techniques] technique for smooth transition from clean amp to lead amp [# of preamp stages] Blues Jr? Certainly, with pedal, this would make a fine gigging amp -- but test. Apr 15, 2020 · Distortion pedals differ from overdrive pedals in the sense that they are more aggressive. I play a strat into a blues junior amp and this pedal is the perfect pedal to bring out the dirt needed So I've had a Hot Rod Series Blues Jr. First thing harp players need to do is change out the preamp tubes with V1-V3 as 12AY7, 12AX7, and a 12AX7 phase inverter, using quality tubes. (20 kg) 1 x 12" Eminence. I found that turning the amp off for a few seconds and back on clears things up. And with the USB jack, it’s simple to capture the amp’s rich tones directly into your favorite computer recording applications. On the other hand, an pedal that’s selected to match perfectly with your amp and taste, will make your tones shine and bring out the best in your setup. mid 10. I wasn't able to hear the Blues Jr. It doesn’t matter how soft or hard the guitar plays- most distortion pedals give the same sound effect. Featuring three distortion modes along with level, gain, and tone controls, Donner's Morpher distortion pedal is a standout lower-end option. Stephen Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Oct 10, 2017 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Fender Blues Junior Master Volume Trick YouTube 12 Ways To Use Your Guitar’s Controls [Volume, Tone & Pickup Selection] – That Pedal Show - Duration: 55:15. Social Distortion is an American punk rock band formed in 1978 in Fullerton, California. These days, there’s no one setup for a blues harp player. MTG:LA® Tube Distortion. More conventional boosters, like the Buffalo FX Power Booster and TC Electronics Spark Booster, are placed after your high gain pedals. for helping us throw one hell of a 40th Anniversary! And a special thanks to all of YOU for supporting us Blues Driver Style Overdrive Boost Boost and Overdrive Brown Sound Distortion Decibelics Distortion Drive EWS Effects F-Pedals Ibanez Keeley Engineering KHDK Klone and Transparent Overdrive Marshall Style Distortion Metal Distortion Multi-Drive MXR Overdrive Pigtronix Suhr Tubescreamer Style Overdrive Vox Style Distortion Wampler Xotic Effects Jul 13, 2009 · Like with the Strokes, this pedal sounds great with a Fender valve amp such as the Blues Junior or its bigger sibblings. Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier. Whilst this Fender tube amp doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive models by Fender, it provides a touch sensitive authentic tubes sound. I have the ts808 and dont recommend it for the Jr. . His tone is simply amazing through an old, cheap hybrid crate, and a vintage Ibanez guitar. Very Fender sells a lot of guitars. When it comes to Boss overdrive, the BD-2 is my first and only choice. This part of the circuit can behave like an oscillation tank, and give a raspy, fizzy, rattle-like tail on notes (for about 500 milliseconds) as you describe. The DS-1 is colder, has less mids and sounds like a saw. isn't a good amp with distortion pedals. by I finally figured out that it's target buyer was a young rocker who wants a lot of distortion effects Overdrive and distortion isn’t just about getting noise and gain. Then set the volume for the amount of breakup you are looking for and then of course set the tone controls as desired. That Had my Blues Jr. Boss DS-1 Distortion mods DS-1/Super . A Shure Green Bullet mic is still a very popular option, as are contemporary re-issues of vintage tube amps. Created by Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll. It has a volume control, a tone control, an overdrive control which determines the amount of gain in stage 1 with the overdrive channel on, and a boost control which determines the amount of gain in stage 2 with the boost channel on. Ive always noticed a pronounced fuzziness on low frequency notes, especially the bottom two strings. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Today's best Fender Blues Junior IV deals. Is it the speaker, the tubes, the settings or the nature of the beast. The DS-1/Super mod takes the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, and gives it a professional makeover. The Dragon Hound blends our most popular overdrive and distortion circuits, yielding the clarity of an overdrive with the saturation of a distortion. On valve amps, this causes the sound to break up at lower levels. The Bottle 'O Blues harmonica microphone has a dynamic element for smooth distortion, a volume control to help control feedback, and a 1/4" jack for easy connection to an amp. Note: If you have a copy of an old Fender Guitar Amplifier owner's manual not shown in this archive, we'd love to have a copy to post here. is single channel with that nice Fender clean sound. The Boss Blues Driver give off warm crunchy distortion and overdrive while providing a gloriously smooth feel akin to a 30-year-old tube amp. Social Distortion's Concert History. Set the volume up high enough so that when you kick on the pedal, you notice a subtle volume boost on the amp, use the tone controls to match the treble level as closely as possible (to the clean signal), and finally, dial in as little gain (i. May 15, 2019 · The Blues Junior IV spring reverb is beguilingly spacious, with a natural decay that enhances the overall tone. Hardtail. Manuals are listed alphabetically by model and have been taken from our archives and conv chibson guitar , gibson pickups , bogner ecstacy red distortion,cheapie joyo analog delay,and joyo compressor ,bossmij ce-3, and stock fender blues junior . Some users resolder them first thing, when they get a new BJ. cranking it up enough to get power tube saturation) I tried to go the same route you're going and was never pleased. Using a Blues JrI bought the pedal to use as a distortion channel since the blues jr. This article contains a list of most archived copies of Fender® Guitar Amplifier owner's manuals available. PDF Article about Intermodulation Distortion. My TS-9 after 25 years has kicked the bucket. First issued in 1995, this tube amp is designed to emulate the warm tone preferred by blues and blues-rock players of the classic-rock era. I own a Fender Blues Junior, which is a great little amplifier. The best distortion pedals and drive pedals for guitar are ideal for anyone who wants to play metal and hard rock guitar. Having said that, overdrive pedals push the preamp section of your amp harder. Price Range: $310 – $680. Walter Jr. Replacement pickups simply didn’t exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies. pdf - 463 Kb 110: Fender_blues_deville_sch_rev_e. The lives and work of the staff of an inner city police precinct. Prosonic and it's offspring the Supersonic #5. It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and blues rock dating back to the 1950s, while remaining both portable and affordable. VHT Special 6 Handles a Distortion Pedal On the VHT Special 6 Head and Speaker Cab: I am seeking ways to get the most out of this small stack low wattage tube amplifier. . It creates a thick and warm sounding distortion that features on some of the most notable blues songs ever recorded. ~ There's NEW LIFE. i just cant get the palm mute crunch attacks of a operation ivy, us bombs or social distortion sound. Mar 03, 2018 · I want to start by looking at the best overdrive pedals for the blues. British Blues; American Blues; Booster; Overdrive; Turbo Overdrive; Chord Play; Clean Crunch; Sound. I play through a Fender DeVille, Blues Junior, the Quilter 101 also and the David Works always meticulously. I have to say that a mids control could make it a good alternative to an Ibanez Tube Screamer, but cheap. Jan 24, 2007 · Ive had a used Blues Jr. This legendary combo provides unmatched touch sensitivity and clean-up with your guitar volume knob from sparkley cleans, to overdrive, to fuzz, while providing the mid-range cut of a classic TS-style pedal and the full-bodied woolliness of an Vintage Fuzz. To simulate the effect of a cranked tube amp, set the volume slightly higher than unity and the gain just at the edge of breakup (you might want to lower the treble accordingly). But Fender Amps are popular in their own right and widely used. I really never turn it above 2 on the master volume. PRS guitars use a median scale length of 25", which they feel provides the best compromise between the two extremes. If you'd like some essentials along with your new pedal, Boss' DS-1 Distortion Bundle comes with picks, a patch cable, an instrument cable, a power supply, and a polishing cloth. Chip well i got my fender blues junior, i love it cranked for classic rock but sometimes I feel like playing some high gain stuff , I was thinking a marshall jackhammer, or a digitech bad monkey or a boss sd1, anyone have experience with this amp and overdrives/distortion pedals? i want the pedal to do mid gain and high gain! thanks ! May 22, 2016 · Firstly the Pro Junior III is an even smaller/simpler amp than the Blues Junior III. classic-amps. D. It produces a quality sound and it is very quiet. This great tube set will get you a warm, rich singing bluesy tone for both blues and rock from the popular Fender Blues Jr. It only has a two controls, volume and master tone. Instead of a nice pure tone, I get a buzzy, undefined sound. Distortion Voicing. I know if I give it a good 7 on the tone and 8 1/2 on the volume dial, I will get some great clean tone that breaks up when my pick strikes the strings more firmly. Basic Construction Differences from Vintage Fenders: The basic construction of the Blues Junior is very different from vintage Fender amps. While it is dressed that way it is nothing like a Tweed. The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Mike Ness, guitarist Jonny Wickersham, bassist Brent Harding and drummer David Hidalgo, Jr. But over the past 30 years, the punk godfathers in the band have all but trademarked their sound, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that’s cut with the melodic, road-tested lyrics of frontman Mike Ness. 59 Bassman Reissue amps #4. Components that were modified are highlighted. The BJr just doesn't have enough clean headroom to be used as a pedal platform IMO unless you are playing at pretty low volumes or you have it mic'd. pdf - 448 Kb 109: Fender_blues_deville. This pickup started a sound revolution. I had to pretty much double where the dirt knob was (ie, 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock). Our guide includes multi-channel offerings, blendable drives and amp-inspired circuits, and our top distortion pedal pick is the unbeatable MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion. You will hear preamp distortion sooner IME. pdf - 463 Kb 111: Fender_blues_deville_sch_rev_g. It's a shame really, but it does sound pretty good at low volume. Recently, though, it died at a rehearsal. These same factors apply to acoustic guitars, with most dreadnought size bodies having the longer scale length and smaller parlour and orchestra size bodies staying with a shorter scale for the warmer tones associated with it. Jun 01, 2009 · The other Fender Blues Junior I tried belongs to Victor, a guy known to many harp players around Denver and across the country. Some people have hacksawed the ends off the tank to make it fit, but the Ruby tank will probably give you all the reverb you’d ever want. The Blues Junior is powered by 2 – EL84 Groove Tube output tubes and 3 – 12AX7 preamp tubes. I have the DS-1 self-modded to Keeley Ultra/SEM, but I can't seem to get a decent distortion out of my new Blues Junior. A "Torres matched" 12AX7 phase inverter for V3 (next to the power tubes) The Harp Attack is designed to provide true power tube distortion in a pedal. plate said Blues Jr. Three Kinds Of Distortion. I need to find a good distortion pedal for the Fender Blues Jr III. There are ways to model or compute this effect, and they are put to good use in many of today’s popular solutions. Jan 08, 2015 · Fender’s Blues Jr. Blues and Pro Jr amps #2. "Machine Gun Blues" is a song by Social Distortion. But aside from Boss’ OD-1 and DS-1 pedals, we’ve seen MXR and their Distortion Plus, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, and the game-changing Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 that was developed On a Fender Blues Jr amp reverb 3. The Blues Junior is it's own design--it's own thing. Effects Pedals 22 results Featured. Something along the lines of an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer or a MXR Wylde Overdrive. Distortion Question. for about 1 year. Social Distortion. Pro Co Rat 2 Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive Pedal Reviews. 45 lbs. It's not a big problem, but something that needs to be taken care of anyway. now, this is my first real amp, ive always had a little Oct 25, 2008 · The blues jr. It includes: A Matched set of the great JJ EL84's - the best sounding EL64/6BQ5 for the Blues Jr. The Blues Junior is somewhat prone to cold solder joints, especially on the valve sockets. The Fender Hot Rod series of amps is a very popular one, possibly their most popular. Dec 16, 2008 · Hi Ken, Thanks for your question. My ProCo Rat pedal is good for more/different Distortion and can be used for sustain - You can just pump the master volume on it and not the gain for a good bite. Apr 08, 2017 · In my blues band, I use that Fender Blues Jr, a 1973 Peavey T-15 and an ’85 Ibanez Blazer, and a Tube Screamer. You just can't get the real effect of a cranked tube amp. I don’t have much experience troubleshooting amps, as I’ve had very good luck with all of mine, until just recently. amp. S. Its light weight and unusual shape makes it easy to play, and it looks cool too! The Blues Driver is considered by many to be the finest pedal ever developed by Boss and this is unsurprising. This is a huge upgrade over the stock Blues Jr speaker. All of these hang around the medium to Fender_blues_deluxe_rev_d. I have been trying to replicate his tone with a variety of tube amps (Fender Blues Jr. $199. Mar 03, 2018 · If you ‘crank’ an amp loud enough, the sound will begin to break into distortion. That being said; here are a couple things you can try: - Use fresh strings - maybe even a lighter gauge. So medium gains might sound crunchier. The Fender Hot Rod Series Blues Junior is a 15 watt tube amp combo with a single 12 inch Jensen C12 speaker. The kind of music i play is by David Gilmour and Gary Moore so it would be nice if i had a nice overdrive sound similar to theirs but does not have to be exactly like theirs since trying to copy someone Distortion is meaner and more pronounced than its nicer sibling, Overdrive. THE BOTTOM LINE The Fender Blues Junior IV is reborn as a new benchmark for a portable workhorse combo with bolder, full-bodied tones and a natural-sounding reverb. The Fender Blues Junior is like a smaller version of the famed Hot Rod Deluxe and Deville amps, right down to the cosmetics! It features 15 watts of tube EL84 power, and it has a single channel with basic EQ as well as a "fat" switch (which pumps up the midrange and gain a bit) and onboard reverb as well. Depending on the pedal, such as those by TC Electronic, MXR, and Electro-Harmonix, you can get anything from a warm, rich overtone to a harsh and 現時点でのマイアンプ。Blues Jr. I know it has stock tubes and speaker. Most people rave about this amp. Playing the Screamin' Blues pedal lightly produces mild overdrive, but dialing up the gain and digging in hard makes it sing with ultrarich harmonics and Aug 04, 2008 · There is a plug for a footswitch on ther Blues Jr. fat switch on. Power tube distortion = big fun BTW FranticRock - a Weber Blue Dog speaker would cure what ails your Blues Jr. Although still 15w, the Pro Junior III only has an 10inch speaker, so it doesn’t have the headroom or projection of the Blues Junior III and therefore isn’t feasible with a full band unless miced. ) It sounds great right out of the box, and there are also many popular and fairly easy (and some not so easy) modifications to improve the tone even more. And no overdrive is as famous to today’s blues aficionados as the Ibanez Tube Screamers that Stevie Ray Vaughan used to such massive effect. That umbrella covers three primary kinds of distortion, and understanding how each of these alters the signal of your guitar will lead you in the right direction. ” Pure tonal heaven. Proudly made in the USA. in terms of getting strong, thick bass. 's power tube distortion until I got a Weber MASS 'coz it's just too loud to play in my house. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Listen for Stevie to kick it in at 1:45 of this live performance of “Little Wing. As I played the first time the David I realized that It's a great Distortion pedal, pretty dynamic and really versatile. I am still looking for something that will make notes sustain without adding fake sounding distortion. 3 and live in an NYC apartment. , distortion, overdrive, etc. DiMarzio is the originator of the first replacement pickup. Help. minor detail, but - your know. Distortion is the sound of a speaker breaking or an amp that has been overloaded to the point of melting. Contrast that with Marshall amps, which Apr 21, 2016 · The Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET Overdrive Pedal is a two-stage overdrive pedal that has a vast array of options and flexibility. But for a brash and brutish live sound, some players now run pedal chains through classic Marshall stacks. The Jensen CK12. I have a Blues Jr. It was the first single from their seventh studio album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (2011). Jan 31, 2006 · distortion CLASSIC ROCK On A Tube Amp gain 8 bass 7 mid 5 treble 5 SRV On a Fender Blues Jr amp reverb 3 master vol 3 treble 10 mid 10 low 4 fat switch on vol 8 PETE TOWNSEND gain 9/10 bass 7 mid 4 treble 10 reverb 2 SLAYER gain 7 treble 7 mid 2 bass 9 KORN overdrive/gain 10 bass 3/5 mid 5 high 5/8 STROKES gain 4 treble 8 mid 4/6 bass 6 bridge The Blues Junior IV is a longtime 15-watt favorite with warm tube tone ideal for the go-anywhere guitarist who needs great sound and versatile features such as spring reverb. 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