Welcome to ISAC Boys Basketball and Girls Football,

It is a pleasure to be hosting once again after a long wait!

Our community is looking forward to watching your basketball and football teams in action.

Competing is one thing but developing friendships and meeting new people is also part of the ISAC experience so make the most of the games, but also enjoy the fact that you get to play the sport you love with teammates who are now your friends.

Be mindful that many people, like your Athletic/Activities Directors, your coaches and your trainers, worked hard to get you here. We applaud and thank them.

This is a competition, and we expect all players to do their best. We also expect everyone to have great sportsmanship towards each other, the coaches, the officials, and all who worked so hard to make this a successful tournament.

Our goal is for all of you to have a terrific experience and to take with you lots of good memories from ISAC 2023.

On behalf of everyone here at Brent Manila, welcome, good luck and have a great time!

Catherine Tanco-Ong
Director for Student Activities